Adrift in Uncertainty

Like the Balloon here I am still drifting along while I contemplate where I want to go in this expansion.

In my previous post I described the awesome advantages of playing a Mage and the good points in general about playing a DPS caster. I have continued to play my Mage since that post and in the process I quickly discovered a few glaring oversights to my original praise of my class/race choice:

1. In general I am not a fan of cloth armor and robes in particular. As an Alt it’s no problem but as my Main? Maybe I could get used to it, but I don’t think so. That being said, I think the Night Elf males look better than most in robes.

2. Spellcasting is cool but I like to swing melee weapons. Yep, I like to hit things with big sword or mace despite knowing that the classes that use them will be dependent on those weapons for their base DPS.

3. This is the most important factor: despite how hard I have tried I just like the Horde better than the Alliance. There is no contest and I am done kidding myself. It’s fun to play on the Alliance side but what keeps me wanting to log in every day is the chance to play as a Tauren, Orc or Goblin. I still think Shadowmeld is an awesome racial but Night Elves are not for me. If I am going to stealth-pause it will be as a Druid or Rogue.

I guess I am happy to discover more about myself as a player but it still leaves me in limbo for what class to focus on in Cataclysm. As I am still shopping for a new Main for this expansion I will have to see which melee DPS classes are the least gimped with the limited weapon choices I will have come endgame.


And here I was so sure I had it all figured out.

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