Soloing Again

Although it’s been over a year since I last posted I am starting up the blog again. I’ve been playing WoW since my last post but I’ve also tried some different games and even spent some time in the Mists of Pandaria Beta. With seven 85’s I have enjoyed playing WoW but at one point this past spring I just couldn’t bring myself to level another alt.

Still, here I am again. Oddly enough, it wasn’t Mists on the horizon that reinvigorated my interest in the game. It was actually a combination of factors and a little luck.

Just after the release of Wrath Blizzard offered free transfers off my original Horde server. With the queue times on Moongard exceptionally long our small friends and family guild took them up on the offer and moved all of our characters over to Sisters of Elune. I couldn’t stand the thought of just abandoning our 2-tab guild vault so I made a Death Knight to take over as guild master and promptly left him behind in Shattrath City.

Like many players I had been in the “end of expansion” doldrums lately and despite an arsenal of heirloom gear I still didn’t want to bother with leveling and gearing a new character. During this time I gave Star Wars the Old Republic a try but the games buggy nature and excessive (to me) downtime made that short lived. LotRO hasn’t been of interest for awhile and I even went back to Rift for a time.

As always I started to miss Azeroth again so I jumped back into WoW but the doldrums were still there. I just didn’t feel like leveling a new guy or playing any of my 85s. Because of Real ID our friends and family guild on Sisters is also largely unused since we use Real ID to keep in touch instead of the guild chat so we can play either Horde or Alliance without losing touch. Consequently we all went different directions with our characters, joined different guilds and whatnot.

On almost a lark I decided to log onto that Death Knight on Moonguard (named Malcore) I had left behind a few years earlier. I had a tough day of work ahead of me so during my morning game-time I just wanted to relax. To do this I thought I would just run around Eversong Woods and start to level his Mining. It was mindless but I love the zone and that activity really helped me to unwind.

I ended up logging in on Malcore again the next morning (my only time to play is before work) and I kept working on his Mining. It was nice to have the two-tab vault so every now and then I would head back to a city and dump all the mats into the extended storage space he has. I wanted to keep the mats as I had decided Blacksmithing would be my profession of choice if I continued to play him. A few mornings later I had caught up his Mining to 300 and I could gather Outlands mats. My first thought was “okay, now it’s off to Hellfire Peninsula”.

There were a couple of problems though. The big one was that for the last few years I had always had heirloom gear for leveling – but that was all on another server with my 85s. Another was that when we left Moonguard we had stripped out all the cash and mats from the vault and I had only left Malcore with about 10g in his pocket. He also had no glyphs, flight training, or any gear other than what I had received from the DK starter zone. The guild itself was from before guild leveling existed so it had no guild levels and no guild perks.

Then it hit me – what a perfect soloing experiment. Death Knights are great soloers in general so I decided to make that my theme for him.  Malcore would be self sufficient to the best of my ability. I wasn’t even going to make a bank alt for him. I would have only one character on this server with only his personal guild to add extra support. I don’t know anyone on Moonguard any longer so that fits well also – no help from anyone outside the guild either.

I took advantage of the guild rename feature and choose “Solo of Fortune” to reflect more accurately my little project. Old timers will probably recognize the name from an old Cyberpunk supplement and career type. That in itself was a play on words from the magazine called Soldier of Fortune. The name just seemed to fit all around.

Thanks to Real ID I am not that isolated and I can chat with my family and real life friends whenever they are online. I must admit that at first I thought Real ID was a useless feature (sorry about that Blizzard) and now I couldn’t be more thankful it was added to the game.

Malcore is now embarking on his adventures in Outlands and beyond.  My initial concern about the lack of heirlooms, cash and guild perks has actually made it more fun to play him. I am sure this style of play isn’t for everyone but for me it has been like a breath of fresh Azerothian air.

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