Back in the Saddle

Asmodar in StormwindIt’s been a long time since I have posted but I actually have been playing. Recently I reconnected with an old friend and started up a new Death Knight on his server on the Alliance side of things. Asmodar just finished the DK starter zone and is now making his way through Outland. I hope to get him to Pandaria before too long and then go back to fill in what to me are essentials like the Argent Tournament and maybe even Firelands for mounts, etc.

One thing I may do that will slow my leveling just a little is making sure my Pet Battle team is leveled up once I get to the later parts of Northrend. If I am lucky enough to run accross an Unborn Val’Kyr I want to make sure I can attempt to capture it. Other than this I intend to press forward and perhaps try the new method of leveling of Mining/Blacksmiting once I get to Pandaria.

I am also leveling him in Blood spec so I can solo effectively both during the leveling process and at endgame. Once he is 90 I will be going back to solo old raids for the pets and transmog gear and from what I have read around the interwebs a Blood DK is about as good as it gets for that activity.

Suffer well.

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