The Road to Firelands

Leveling with Malcore has been going very well. I guess that isn’t surprising as Death Knights are pretty tough but without leveling speed bonuses I was afraid I might get a bit bored and stall out at some point. The easier leveling curve in Outland and Northrend has made a big difference in that regard. I have been able to focus on the quests and hubs I enjoy the most. As of today he is already starting the quests in Zul’Drak and I hope to have him into the Cataclysm content by the later part of next week.

For his professions I have been leveling Mining and Blacksmithing. Since this is my “no support” character this combo made the most sense. I can make him some armor and weapons and take advantage of any of those specific recipes that become available from the rep vendors later on. Without a gathering alt Mining is also essential so no dual crafting for him!  I will be getting all of his secondary professions done eventually (even Archeology) but I will wait on those until I am closer to the level cap. At this point I have Mining current and Blacksmithing is getting close. Even gold has been easier to come by now that he is in the Northrend content. I have to admit this is going much smoother than I had expected.

As a last note I want to mention one perk I am really enjoying as a Death Knight. The Acherus portal makes things just a bit easier for me overall. From Acherus it’s only a four-minute flight to Silvermoon so I don’t have to feel locked into making my home base Orgrimmar. Undercity might be a little closer but I like the layout of Silvermoon better and as a Blood Elf it feels more like home.

Right now I am just trying to keep my momentum up until I can finish leveling and get going on both the Tol Barad and Firelands Dailies. I may yet stall out but I am hopeful Malcore will make it through to 85 so I can spend some time on him in the Battlegrounds and catch up on all of those secondary professions.

I swore I would never level what I call a “complete adventurer” again. After everything is maxed I may even get him the Crusader title. After the fifth one I swore I would never do that again either but Malcore seems to be the exception to all my rules.

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