Assignment: Goblin Operative

Back in early December I wrote a post about wanting to change my poor, long suffering Rogue from a Human into a Goblin. I say long suffering since he has undergone several racial incarnations at this point and a few faction switches to boot. I did it the first time before there were any faction changes. At level 56 I was so tired of being Undead I deleted him and rerolled as a Troll. Sadly, it didn’t stop there and I am at the point where I now RP him as an agent of Ravenholdt Manor. I look at each change as a new assignment he has been given and his new race as his disguise for wherever Lord Jorach is sending him.

After seeing and later playing the Goblins I still wanted to make him one.  Then last week, while I was in the midst of uncertainly about which main character to play, I found myself inspired by the Horde for Life podcast to try out the Wyrmrest Accord server on the Horde side. I mulled it over for awhile (okay, I asked my wife if spending the money was crazy) but in the end I bit the bullet (with her patient smile of support) and made the change.

I knew from past experience that the main things he would lose with a faction change were his Crusader title and all of his rep with the Silver Covenant/Sunreavers faction. At least he got to keep his Argent Tournament Tabard and can still use it.

Although he kept all of his Horde faction reps I was surprised that his Orgrimmar rep was changed over to Goblin. Now he is only Neutral with Orgrimmar but he did keep his wolf mounts and can still use them. I guess if I need to do one rep over again then Orgrimmar isn’t a bad one. There are lots of quests around that grant the rep even if I decide not to go back and take it to exalted while regaining my Crusader title.

It is sure nice to be settled though. Wyrmrest is turning out to be a great server and I am so glad I made the move.


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2 Responses to Assignment: Goblin Operative

  1. Banger says:

    I play on WA and listen to the HFL podcast! Welcome to Wyrmrest!

  2. Tazok says:

    Thanks Banger – after a few weeks I joined the Horde For Life guild after making the move and I have been really happy with both the guild and the server. It is without a doubt the best WoW server I have played on.

    This blog has been a little quiet over the last few months while I took a break but I should be back to posting again soon. Thanks again for your comment.

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