Fisherman’s Gloves

It may be an old habit but I still like having a pair of gloves with the Angler enchant on them. The bonus to Fishing used to be more important when most fishable water had a minimum skill level required to use it. Although I don’t really need the bonus anymore I keep them in my pack along with my Weather Beaten Fishing Hat.

In the past I have put the enchantment on a grey or interesting looking quest reward glove that I would otherwise vendor. Recently, while leveling one of my Goblin alts, I ran across a quest that even gives you a pair of gloves that are perfect for the Angler enchant – Fisherman’s Gloves.

You get this as a reward from a quest called “Beware of Cragjaw!” that starts at a sign beside Cragpool Lake in the Stonetalon Mountains. This is a Horde-only quest chain added with the revamp to the old world in Cataclysm. Before you rush out to the lake to pick up the quest (as I did on Tazok) it is actually gated along with all of the quests for Krom’Gar Fortress. This should have been a one-off quest but with the new quest structuring you need to do a chain to access it. It’s mildly annoying but it doesn’t take long.

To get everything started you need to pick up the breadcrumb quest in Ashenvale at the Horde occupied outpost of Silverwind Refuge. Take the quest that has you ride a wagon into the Stonetalon Mountains and then sit back and watch as you bounce along.

After this you pick up the quest from an Orc named Saurboz to rearm the mines along the path. Once completed he then sends you to find a missing Goblin engineer. The Goblin is dead but a note on his corpse leads you to a leader of the Night Elves who is at a nearby tent with her pet cat. After defeating her you get the Alliance Attack Plans and then Saurboz finally tells you to take them to Krom’Gar fortress. This opens the quests at the fortress along with the one at Cragpool Lake for the gloves. Just fly over to Cragpool Lake and pick it up. Cragjaw may look mean but even at level he is very soloable.

So if you are a Horde player these might be worth a little side trip to pick up. The gloves are cloth so any class can use them. On Tazok (then level 82) it took about 20 minutes or so to do the whole chain.

Happy Fishing!

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