Along the Ashenvale Front

How can something so ugly look so desperate?

Skulzy turned this over in his mind as he took the note Draaka offered him and tucked it into his pocket. He felt he would never get used to these Orcs at all. Half of them threatened to kill you and the rest were the most armature of schemers. At times it made him physically ill.

“Okay, okay,” he said, “I’ll take it to him. I ain’t no messenger though so it’ll cost you double.”

“I’ll make it worth your while little male,” she leered, “just see that it’s done. Durak is not one to be kept waiting. Nor am I.”

By the Kaja, he swore to himself, now I have THAT image in my head. Instead of stomping out of there like he wanted to Skulzy just smiled broadly. In an attempt to be diplomatic he simply said, “Tempting, but its coin or no deal.”

The leer faded into a scowl, “You will be paid, gruntling. Now get to it.”

Skulzy ignored the insult, inclined his head, and departed. The sooner this offensive was over the better. The more time he spent in the Horde the more he looked forward to talking with any Goblin he might meet, even if they were from enemy cartels. Those old rivalries seemed very far away when you were alone among so many strangers. None of the Goblins were ever in charge though. All the orders seemed to come from the Orcs.

Mostly, he just missed Kezan.

Ashenvale was a fun zone that I finished on Skulzy way too fast. I know he is wearing heirlooms and has the experience bonus they provide but before he had finished all the quests at Splintertree post he was already following the breadcrumb quests that took him to the Stonetalon Mountains.

The most memorable quest chain started with Draaka in her Demolisher. She gets you involved in some questionable uses of demonic energy that ultimately gets you nearly scalped by Garrosh himself. Even though you need to fly back and forth between Orgrimmar and Ashenvale a few times the series is well worth it.

Sadly, I didn’t do much in the quest hubs. Even without heirlooms I would have finished the zone before getting to all the quests. After finishing Splintertree there was a breadcrumb quest that took him to the Silverwind Refuge which is now occupied by the Horde. Upon arriving the quest to take a Wagon to the Stonetalon Mountains was already available. As Skulzy was already level 26 I decided I might as well move on so I didn’t accidently outlevel the content in Stonetalon!


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