Hittin’ the Road… Crossroads that is

After arriving in Orgimmar I had a few decisions to make. I started off by leveling up Skulzy’s professions and began doing the Cooking and Fishing dallies. I even did some of the beginning quests in Azshara but they seemed to dry up after a bit. I must admit that I didn’t look too hard for them to continue. I was still kind of tired of doing “Goblin themed” quests at that point.

Skulzy had left Azshara in a hurry. Gallywix had seen to that. Now that he had put a comfortable distance between himself and the old boss he took some time to check his gear and make sure he had enough water for the rest of the trip. The innkeeper at Razor Hill said there were watering holes along the way but Skulzy felt you could never be too sure. Besides, the Orc could be lying to him. The big ape would probably think it was funny.

I been through too much to die o’ thirst in the stinkin’ desert, he thought.

Bedside him Zippo chattered and imitated the way the Goblin had just checked his gear. The monkey’s long fingers grabbed at his pack and canteen.

“Hey,” he said, “I got water for you too. Don’t you even worry about it. Now let’s get movin’ before the sun gets any higher. Keep your eyes peeled.”

Once I had finished Azshara’s first three quest hubs I took Skulzy into the Northern Barrens and moved on to the Crossroads. I decided I really wanted to see what has changed in this once grand and expansive zone and I was surprised by how much of its original feel had been retained. The flavor was still there but the quests were definitely more streamlined than before.

I did most of the quests out of Crossroads including almost all of the centaur ones. I died during the final quest against the elite centaur boss and I should have remembered that was a group quest. Oh well, I almost succeeded anyway and if I had been using a tenacity pet rather than Zippo I would have finished it. I thought about giving the quest another shot but none of the rewards were useful to me so I decided to skip it.

Between Azshara, Crossroads and the odd quest out of Ratchet it wasn’t long before I was sent up to the Mor’shan ramparts and the start of Ashenvale. This spot was vastly improved with the addition of a perpetual skirmish between the Horde garrison and a group of NPC Night Elves. It was a great introduction to this contested zone and gave a good feel to the fact that Ashenvale is Horde occupied but not Horde controlled territory.

Reaching this point also brought Skulzy up to level 20 and his trike. It is quite nice for a basic mount.

What did I miss with the changes? Well, the continuation of quests that used to take you to Camp Taurajo. Perhaps some of those will show up in a revamped form when Skuzly gets into his early 30’s and can start questing in the Southern Barrens. It is also a bit odd not going straight up into the Stonetalon Mountains from the Barrens as that zone is now for levels 25 to 30.

I used to be dedicated to questing from levels 10 to 20 in the Ghostlands. I still love Eversong and the Ghostlands but the revamped Northern Barrens is solid competitor for my leveling time now. Later I will have to roll another character so I can try out Silverpine Forest. I have read that is now excellent for this level range as well.

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