The Goblin Experience

For me the Goblin experience turned out to be a bit mixed. Once I got used to Kezan I had a blast there. I liked the humor and the unique feel of the zone. The cloudy grey sky, garish lights and tacky art left me unsure about what kind of setting I was playing in. Vegas meets steampunk is the first thing that came to mind. What surprised me the most is how at home I felt there. This is odd because I am an old hillbilly who still lives in a place that looks like Grizzly Hills. I guess Blizzard really got me to tap into my inner Goblin.

Nevertheless, there I was getting enjoying the questline and driving my hotrod around that dingy town with my pals.  I got into the story enough that I was seriously pissed off when Deathwing appeared overhead and I realized I wouldn’t be able to come back here later in the game to hang out. That notion hit me in the head like a pipe-wrench and it hurt. As a player I knew it was coming but I got into playing so much that I had forgotten this was all going to be temporary.

The first part of the Lost Isles was fun too. Getting life together after the shipwreck was pretty cool and I was all set to explore the island. That, in a nutshell, was my mistake.

When I got to around level 6 or 7 I wanted a little more choice in where I went and what quests I wanted to do. One of the main reasons I like heirlooms is that I can usually skip quests that don’t have the right feel or that have buggy mechanics too them. No luck in the Lost Isles though. The experience started to drag a bit as the lack of choice pushed me from one minor quest hub to the next. Then I thought I would just level my professions and explore the island. That didn’t work too well either.

By the time I got to level 9 I felt like a survivor on Lost. All I wanted to do was get off that damned island. I wasn’t enjoying even the whimsical nature of the quests at this point and I just wanted to be done. I wanted to see the world without feeling that my next quest hub was already chosen for me. The “on rails” feel of the quests between levels 9 and 12 went from annoying to frustrating. I eventually stopped reading the quest text and become focused on getting out of there as fast as I could. That stretch ended up being the most tedious experience I have ever felt in WoW.

A few thoughts came to me as I was doing the Naga questline:

“Hey Skulzy,” Ace said, “We’re all stuck here. Suck it up man, just suck it up!”

Skulzy responded by slapping him hard in the face. Ace winced and his hand drifted down to his knife but the look on Skulzy’s face made him pause.

“You and me,” Skulzy said, “we’re like brothers. We go waaay back… but if you tell me any garbage like that again I swear that I will leave you here. I will tie you to an oil barrel and leave you on the beach so you can watch me as I wave goodbye. We clear about that?”

One bright spot was that when I got to level 10 I dumped his temporary “guardian” pet and swam back to the small island to tame a Bomb Throwing Monkey. That monkey is a great little buddy and he and Skuzly took on the rest of the island together. I think in the end he was as happy to get out of there as Skulzy was.

Due to the heirlooms Skulzy was just over level 13 by the time he set foot in Durotar. The dusty smell of Orgimmar was never so sweet. I mean it. I like the Orc city, especially after the revamp, but it was never such a welcome sight as it was for Skulzy when I realized he was free of the island for good.

Overall the Goblin experience was great but in my opinion the linear nature of the quests just went on too long. I had plans for a few other Goblin alts but I am not so sure now. It will be awhile before I want to do the whole thing again. I will admit that I did feel like he was truly a part of the Horde by the time it was over. In that sense the experience completely worked.


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One Response to The Goblin Experience

  1. Alta says:

    i hope the game designers get more feedback like this. it seems like a serious issue for goblin players to be forced to stay Lost and not get to choose quests….unless they’re like your brother and just level like robots without wanting to become immersed in the experience and the world.

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