Alone in Azeroth

As this blog is supposed to have a focus on the solo player I am going to try and get back to that basic concept by leveling a new character from 1-85 all on his own and then see what he can do at endgame. It is also a really good excuse for me to level up a new Goblin and see everything that has changed in Azeroth along the way.

This project will be about what a player can do on their own time and without the support of a guild or other players. I did a project like this on my old blog but I have learned a lot since then and I think this is a good time to revisit the idea. This will not be a speed leveling exercise but more about finding interesting quests, leveling professions, and experiencing the world at a leisurely pace.

Why now?

Let me explain. Today, more than ever, guilds and grouping are being handed perks that will leave loners feeling a bit more marginalized than they used to. Guild Leveling is offering more perks than ever before to those play WoW as a social media activity. Some players are even forgoing questing entirely in favor of power-leveling using the Dungeon Finder tool. That’s’ fine but not everyone plays that way. I don’t play that way but I still enjoy the game.

And yes, I still want to level a new Goblin.

To this end I chose a Goblin Hunter named Skulzy and despite a few heirlooms he will be on his own from here on out with no help from my other alts. I could forgo the Heirlooms but I do like them and this isn’t so much about the “new player” experience as it is the “solo player” experience. I guess that justifies using them, doesn’t it? Maybe?

Okay, maybe not, but at least I got the heirlooms from my soloing characters in Wrath. None of these required any grouping to obtain. That’s my final justification for using them!

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