Sage Advice

As you can see from the image to the right, my plans of race changing my Rogue to a Goblin got flipped around. With an extra couple of days to wait for my Cataclysm CE to arrive I started over thinking that choice. I hemmed and hawed about it until finally my wife suggested I make one of each race and play them for a few levels to see which I like best. She knows me too well. Racial abilities mean very little to me if I don’t like the feel of how a model plays. I spend a lot of time looking at that character and over time I have become much pickier in my choice of in-game avatar.

Once I got Cataclysm loaded and updated I did just that. I rolled new alts for both and discovered that they both looked great. In the end I had to ask myself if the Goblin was really $30 better. Were the Goblin animations and racials worth the extra money to faction change Drasus in addition to the race change?


Both races look great as Rogues so the money for a faction change just wasn’t worth it to me. Also, I am starting to like the idea of playing a predatory wolf that can stealth up to his prey and strike with lethal quickness.  Changing Drasus to a Worgen was the right move for me even if that does mean I will be staying with the Alliance. I am keeping the Goblin though so I can play though their starter zone and get the full experience. I will probably write more about that in the next week or two.

With this choice behind me it is now time to solo Drasus up to 85. My plan is to do first three or four quest hubs of both Hyjal and Vahsj’ir to get the best mix of new gear to choose from. I remember that splitting my time between the initial quests in Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord was really good way to upgrade most if not all of my gear.  After this I will see which is the most fun to continue on with and complete the zone.


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