Where is Everybody?

Tazok asked Marcia where all the adventurers had gone but she just gave him a blank stare and a shrug.

“Sorry”, she said, “but I do have some fish in Wintergrasp I need you to catch.”

Tazok’s jaw dropped, “Seriously?  You want me to Dangerously Delicious again!?”

Yep – such is the life of a player stuck in the non-Cataclysm world. Sadly, my journey from 80 to 85 is being held ransom by Amazon’s broken promise to deliver my collector’s edition on the 7th. I was prepared for a delay but I do hope it arrives soon. I hadn’t fully appreciated how blah the world would seem on my level 80’s without it.

I shouldn’t complain though as it is an early Christmas present from my wife who fully supports my hobby. Heck, I know she wouldn’t, but by all rights she could have insisted I wait for Christmas. That’s not her style though and she knows how much playing means to me. She even tried out the game a few years ago. Those were some great memories of running around and showing her around old Azeroth.

In the meantime I am finding it much more rewarding to try out a few lower level alts. I am not sure I will stick with any of them but who knows. I may even find a new Main among them. Stranger things have happened 🙂


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