One Last Thing – Jeeves

Many players across the interwebs have written about their checklists of things to accomplish before Cataclysm and I am no different. With December 7th drawing ever closer I knew that last weekend would also be my last push to accomplish any of those goals I still wanted to shoot for.

The big one I wanted to finish was making Jeeves. Over the weekend I finally took Tazok into Blackrock Depths and armed with some seaforium charges I sought out the plans for the Field Repair Bot 74A. I got lost a few times in the instance but did find the plans eventually. I think I should mention that I ended up not needing the seaforium as all the gates were unlocked. Not sure if this is a change or a bug but I guess it’s easier to get around in there now.

Once I had the plans I hearted back to Northend and took Taz on a mats farming and Auction House shopping spree to get the remaining components together. I was lucky that I had all the mats for the Titansteel in his vault but I did need to spend more gold than I wanted on some elusive Khorium bars. Oh well, if it was easy I would have made Jeeves long ago.

In the end Taz was able to put him together and boy is Jeeves a nice little item to have. Between Jeeves and the Moll-E he can take care of most tasks I would take him into town to do. With just a 1-hour cooldown on Jeeves this should save me a lot of time in Cataclysm. Now I just need a portable Auction House and he will be all set. It could happen sometime in this expansion. I guess with Engineering you just never know what new device is just around the corner.


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