To Goblin, or not to Goblin: that is a THE question

With Cataclysm fast approaching I have been taking a close look at several of my 80’s. For various reasons some may not make the trek to 85 for a significant period of time. I do have three that are at the forefront of being first into the new content and of those my Rogue seems to be pulling ahead of even Tazok. One thing that is setting him apart from Tazok and my Tauren Hunter is that I am strongly considering race and faction changing him from a Human to a Goblin – giving him a “newness” factor the other two won’t have. The screenshot here was taken as Tazok was exploring Azshara and the more I see how great the Goblins look and move the more I am really interested in making one my Main.

My Rogue started out as a Troll but when I started doing more on the Alliance side I went ahead and switched him over to a Human. The sad truth is that I don’t like the way Humans look and they have ended up being my least favorite of all the racial models in the game. They just seem overly clunky in both their animations and appearance. Now if they looked like smaller versions of the Vrykul then it would be a different story. Those guys look great.

Unlike Tazok (who still needs to finish leveling Fishing) Drasus is maxed out in all his primary and secondary professions. If I focus on him in the expansion all I will have to do is catch him up in Archeology as I get his other skills from 450 to 525. This makes my interest in leveling him to 85 first pretty strong. I also like playing Rogues in battlegrounds and I think he will be a good one to familiarize myself with Tol Barad as I plan on spending a lot of time there.

I am still thinking about it but the more I do, the more I like the idea. Okay, I also don’t want to level Fishing to 450 again. Can you really blame me? I actually love Fishing but the higher skill-ups take a long time and for me that is in pretty short supply these days.

Time is money, after all.

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2 Responses to To Goblin, or not to Goblin: that is a THE question

  1. I am going to go Goblin but I want to start out completely fresh with it. With all the changes in the game it seems the starting areas are new and the quests are different. I started a gnome and leveled to 10 just to experience the new quests and starting area. LOVED IT….

    So I will be test driving a new Goblin tomorrow.

  2. Tazok says:

    I completely agree about playing though those early quests and I am really excited to do just that. For my Goblin trek from 1-85 I am thinking about making a Mage as I still don’t have one.

    I still want to make the faction shift on my Rogue but I had already wanted to bring him over from the Alliance side and a Goblin just feels like the right choice. The poor guy started out as a Troll and then I made him a Human when I switched over to Alliance to play alongside my brother. I am glad I did but now I am ready to take him home again.

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