Going Rogue

No, I am not aspiring to be a fringe politician. I am talking about dusting off another of my old retired 80’s before Cataclysm launches next week. In an effort to get the heirloom shoulders and chest for my new Dwarf Shaman I have been spending time on my Human Rogue who still has a few seals from the Argent Tournament in his currency wallet. Like most of my 80’s he was set aside when I realized the great truism of soloing in WoW – if you are going to solo at endgame don’t play physical DPS classes.

The reason for this will eventually be a post unto itself but in short, as a true soloer, you will simply not have access to competitive weapons as an expansion matures. Sure, at the beginning the reputation reward and/or craftable weapons work great. The problem is that as a solo player these will be (with a few rare and expensive exceptions) the best you can ever do. I found this out the hard way as I did battlegrounds with my various 80’s in Wrath (Rogue, Hunter, Paladin and Warrior) and watched their effectiveness diminish as the expansion progressed. I upgraded my gear with the best stuff Honor could buy but new weapons remained out of reach unless I did Arena (nope) or Heroics and Raiding (definitely nope).

Casters fare better than Hunters or Melee in this regard since weapons are mostly stat sticks to them. Sure, those stats are important but not in the way raw weapon DPS effects the key abilities of physical DPS based classes. There are a few exceptions to this (like Unholy Death Knights) but they are nowhere near as good as a true caster. I have asked myself over and over why I couldn’t have been happy as a dedicated caster. I like casters well enough, and I even have a Warlock in the high 60’s, but at the end of the day I just like hitting stuff with melee weapons.

Now that I am taking my Rogue out to do all the Argent Tournament dallies (ee was my first guy to become a Crusader) I am falling in love with the class again. With the portals gone in Dalaran I am also enjoying his tournament tabard so I can keep his hearth set in Stormwind and then portal to Northrend to do his daily AT and Fishing quests.

Like Tazok my Rogue, Drasus, is one of those special characters to me. I made him after I found out my wife was pregnant because I wanted a class that I could effectively “pause” in game. I knew my time would soon be a lot less free and the ability to vanish and stealth gave me a lot of freedom when I play him. If I need to stop what I am doing I can just drop out of combat or move off to a quiet spot and stealth. He has always been fine by the time I returned.

As a mostly solo player the stealth classes are also great for exploring the world and super fun for PvP. I was able to really learn battlegrounds on Drasus since I could sneak around and see what was going on before I acted. I got a chance to understand the objectives and terrain instead of just running from one fight to another or dying repeatedly as soon as I was spotted.

For the next week I will be spending some time to try and find (or figure out for myself) a good PvP utility spec that will work in Battlegrounds. The organized play involved with Rated Battlegrounds is out of my reach for the next few years so I will just have to do my best on my own. If I can find a way to make Drasus viable at endgame for my style of play then I may very well take him to 80 before any of my other characters.

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