Bearded Brothers

Well, as I stated in a previous post I have had a few of the new class/race combos in mind for awhile now. I started with my Tauren Priest but I had plans for some new Alliance characters too and of those the one I have been the most excited about is the Dwarf Shaman. I rolled one up last week and decided to at the very least play him through the starter zone to check out the changes. I named him Durlag (after another NPC in Baldur’s Gate), watched the new intro movie, and got started on the revamped Dwarf starter area. The quest pacing was excellent and it wasn’t long before he was level 5 and hiking up to Ironforge to train as a Miner and Engineer.

Luckily I started him while I still had time to level Cooking via the Harvest Festival so that is squared away until he is well into Outlands. Catching up on Fishing should be easy enough as I don’t have to worry about catching the right fish to help level Cooking. Zangarmarsh will probably be the first zone where I will need to pay attention to what he is catching.

Also, and to my great surprise, my brother decided to come off of his break from WoW and try one out a Dwarf Shaman himself. When I saw him online over the holiday weekend we started to chat and decided to make these guys our duo team while he keeps an active account.

As we are both busy with work and family we only duo on the weekends and holidays. Leveling is slower this way but it also gives me time to play my other guys or level professions during the week. It is a great system actually and we have leveled a few teams to 80 this way.

So, this begins the journey of Durlag (in the foreground with the goggles) and Cardiel (in the heirloom robes) who are Dwarf brothers both in-game and in real life. Now we just need to head out and get a virtual pint at the inn!

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