A World in Flames

From the notebooks of Master Engineer Tazok:

Alas, Orgrimmar, you have always been my home. I broke free of the Lich King to protect you and now I can do nothing but watch you fall in the wake of so much destruction. Along with many others I did what I could to stop the cultist plans but to no avail. The great doom comes. My only regret is that in my undeath I will go on, and to that end I will punish who has done this. But in this moment there can only be the memory of tears as my soul-burned eyes can no longer cry.

Tazok grieves for the upheaval coming to Azeroth but as a player I am honestly looking forward to this change. Sure there will be old content I will miss but the world will likely seem much “fuller” afterwards. It looks like Blizzard wants to fill those place holder zones like Azshara with exciting new content and I believe that in the long run there will be fewer dead feeling areas in game. Flying in the old world will be pretty fun too.

Like many other players I have been working on a list of goals for Tazok and Aunkh to complete before the world is broken. Aunkh did his part by finishing up all the content in or connected to Thousand Needles. Tazok as a level 80 Engineer had much more to do but short of building Jeeves I am close to where I wanted to be with him. I still have a little time before Cataclysm fully launches so unless I run in to a real obstacle getting all the components together for Jeeves I should be all set.

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