Defender of Wintergrasp

Here is Tazok on his noble wolf mount, leading the Wintergrasp raid this morning and standing alone at the gates of the inner keep ready to take on all challengers!

Okay, as you can see from the chat window the server was coming down and I was not only the sole Horde player in the zone but the only player… period. I really should have been farming ore but then I would have missed this great opportunity for the screenshot. Sadly, the timer reset for Wintergrasp once the server came back up and the new time pushed the start of the battle beyond when I needed to get ready for work. Oh well.

As I read more about Wintergrasp-like zone in Cataclysm, Tol Barad, I frankly can’t wait to try it out. I will be in there doing the daily quests as soon as I can reasonably hold my own. I am guessing that by the time Tazok hits around level 82 or 83 I will be ready to start testing the new PvP waters in Cataclysm.

I think that Wintergrasp itself will still be viable for at least the first several months after Cataclysm comes out too. I am sure participation in it will diminish over time but I plan to keep running it as long as it is still fun. A nice perk about being an Engineer is having the Wormhole Generator to pop Tazok back into Northrend at a moments notice. I also feel pretty lucky that as a Death Knight my class portal to Acherus should be a fairly short flight from Tal Barad.

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2 Responses to Defender of Wintergrasp

  1. Cryptic says:

    I have enjoyed Wintergrasp this expansion as well and am looking forward Tol Barad. I am hoping for more regular action there rather than just when the battle for the zone is going on. I expect there will be portals from the major cities to Tol Barad, at least when your faction controls it.

  2. Tazok says:

    Recently I noticed that the Hellscream’s Reach rep tabard gives you a portal there. That should be very handy.

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