The Final Quest

Over the weekend I finished up the last of the quests for Thousand Needles. The batch that gave me the hardest time was the Test of Lore series of quests. These eventually take you to Ashenvale and even into the Scarlet Monastery. Besides the travel (and the instance) the hard part about these was that a couple of the quests were bugged. It took three Game Master tech-support tickets to get me through the series. Aunkh did finish them at long last and turned in the final one to Dorn Plainstalker in his secret, cliffside cave.

Afterwards, Aunkh stood beside Prate Cloudseer outside the cave and looked out over Thousand Needles while another one of the earthquakes shook the region. I wonder if Dorn and Prate will still be around someplace after the Cataclysm. I sure hope so.

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