Thousand Needles, I Will Miss You…

With Cataclysm approaching I wanted to take a last tour in the old Thousand Needles before it’s flooded and the zone is completely changed. Fortunately, I have a Druid named Aunkh in his early thirties that had never done the zone. Aunkh had been partnered with one of my wife’s characters when we did the recruit-a-friend program a few years ago. We had leveled so fast that we hadn’t needed the zone but afterwards she had switched to leveling with one of my other characters so Aunkh has been idle ever since. Of course now I couldn’t be happier as he is a perfect character for taking a casual stroll through the old quests one last time.

Why is Thousand Needles so special? I don’t know exactly, but early in my time playing WoW I found a distinct pleasure in leveling amongst the towering pillars of rock packed into such a deep and narrow valley. As a big fan of the Tauren the zone also has a strong Tauren Theme going on with Darkcloud Pinnacle juxtaposed to Freewind Post in the center of the zone. I am not in the Beta so I don’t know how much of this is retained in the new flooded version but it is one of the things I am most excited about exploring after the Cataclysm launch.

Once I finish the quests I will stop questing with Aunkh somewhere in Desolace. That way, when he gets to level 40 after Cataclysm he can revisit the zone and experience the new selection of quests there. It will be a kind of “Thousand Needles, Part II” for him.

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